Founded in 1996, IMEC® Hosting (International Marketing and Engineering Company) is a firm that specializes in developing your company’s image across all Online platforms and devices.

Here is a brief overview of our services:

  • Website and web application design and development services. We are experts in React and Vue!
  • Website and web application monitoring services
  • Website and web application hosting services – (Including Domain Name services)
  • Website and web application testing services
  • Website content management system design and maintenance services
  • Cloud Computing Architecture (Azure, AWS)
  • Full stack system administration – (CentOS, Cloud Linux, Red Hat Linux managing LAMP stack w/ ModSecurity, server backups, data recovery, iptables, Varnish, NGINX and CDN)
  • Website operations management services
  • Website architecture design services
  • Website and web application server monitoring services – (New Relic, Cricket, Nagios)
  • Website and web application programming services
  • Graphic Design & Company Logo Services
  • Advertising & Social Media Services
  • Newsletters
  • Computer Consulting and Training
  • Software and Hardware Selection
  • Graphics Software & Hardware Training
  • System Setup
  • Troubleshooting & Technical Support
  • International Marketing
  • Business Plans and Business Restructuring
  • Market Research and Strategic Development
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Language Translation and Interpreting Services (Specialized in Armenian, French and English)

For further information and pricing, please contact us.

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