About IMEC

IMEC® Hosting (International Marketing and Engineering Company) seeks to provide complete business solutions that combine the power of IMEC®’s proven web development and internet marketing capability with unparalleled professional services.  Our website IMEC.com was launched in 1996.

Our name, IMEC® (International Marketing and Engineering Company) was originally coined in 1977.  While packet switching networks were already available back then, the Internet hadn’t yet become mainstream, so we used more classic forms of Marketing and Engineering tools until we registered IMEC.com and deployed cutting edge web technologies to help our customers reach their business goals.  We later became IMEC® Hosting to better describe the services we provide to our clientele.

Join us and stay in tune with current state of the art technology advances on the web.

With IMEC® you have a partner that seeks to make the customer look good, not ourselves.

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